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Xplore Vienna 2012

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Sheila Crux


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Born in 1975 in a picturesque village, at the very heart of of Austria. At the age of twenty she leaves for Vienna, plunging herself into a vibrant metropolis and the joys of polyamory. In love with language and with a fetish for intensity, she is a restless wanderer who values the benefits of being caught in the middle. The capital city serves as her homebase for many voyages, from Europe´s urban jungles to Asia´s arcadian country areas.

Adventurer with body and soul and as such, experienced beyond everyday horizons. Her colourful character finds expression through the bonding of bodywork (shiatsu, dance), sexuality (tantra, bdsm) and structure (zen, naikan).





In this very body-oriented workshop, we will use our legs and feet as mediators to create a playful dialogue between the body of the passive player and our own. Using our own body weight, we will experience the capability of being as gentle with our feet, as we can be with our hands. In addition to theoretical basic advices for safety, we will practise our sensory perceptions: How does it feel to stand or walk on another human being? What kind of touch is possible – gentle, dynamic, forceful, „crushing“? Which emotions and inner pictures get activated in the process?

Even very petite bodies are able to bear a lot of weight, if you do it right! We will gradually increase the pressure, put on more weight, introduce tools to keep you from stumbling. According to setting, all techniques may be used for anything from a soothing or activating massage to an exciting game with a focus on the controlling aspects. Everybody who has ever had a foot standing on his/her neck, knows what I´m talking about.

Please bring clean, fresh cotton socks and organize yourself in pairs (or triads). During the workshop it is of course always possible to switch between active and passive role.