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Xplore Vienna 2012

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Ottokar Lehrner

Ottokar Lehrner

His Workshop:

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Ottokar Lehrner has been an actor and director for the past 20 years.

    • Classic acting education in Vienna,
    • Film- and method acting education with Rae Allen, Susan Batson, Susanne Geyer
    • Movie directing education at the New York Film Academy, script writer.
    • Participation in numerous films, tv, theatre in Berlin, Vienna, Munich, New York
    • Solo Projects “Mozart”, “Rimbaud”, “Schiele”, “Villon”, “De Sade”.
    • Readings, performances. Teaching,
    • Leading role as part of “United Kingdom” at schwelle7
    • concept and director of the "changing reality project" in schwelle 7 in 2009.


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Dirty Talk ottokar-darkside_26.11_06

Language as a form of sexual stimulation, provocation, imaginative toy to articulate wishes and to play roles. It excites us, opens doors, fuels our imagination and our partner’s, changes realities playfully.

A workshop with practical exercises for a verbal shamelessness, that lets us become freer, hotter, more real.