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Xplore Vienna 2012

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Ancsa & Christine


Her Workshop together with Christine Borch:

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Ancsa Zsófia Überhardt (Budapest) 

is one of the most renowned Healers in Hungary. She has been working as a movement and massage therapist for 9 years. She is a certfied Kinesiologist and studied MA-URI massage and bodywork in the MA-URI Institute in Hungary as well as in Danmark with Hemi and Katja Fox. She is also familiar with Reflexology, Yumeiho massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage and Astrology. She created her own massage method called INKA massage which she is teaching in Hungary for the last 3 years.

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The term SMassage is a research into how healing & massage practices can take use and inspiration from techniques and methods present in BDSM.

The action of consciously applying pain as part of a massage has the potential of releasing deep tensions and old memories stored in the body. The deep relaxed and receptive states we arrive in during a massage allow us to let go of our usual mentally created control and protection patterns. This opens up for possibilities of shocking the body - without the body closing in on it self, but allowing us to enter and heal the subconscious. It is a creative and nonjudgemental process of applying unfamiliar touch and using pain as a positive vessel for possible healing. A deep listening into what type of engagement a certain situation is asking from us in order to touch the essence of what is needed.

You are invited for a session of sensorial surrendering.